Spend Your Money Better

Be Mindful Of Your Money

Odeon Cinema


seeing that film you've been waiting for 85/100

Shoreditch Grind


your coffee on the way to work 34/100



buying lunch when you are at work 67/100



when you were running late for dinner 53/100

Duck & Waffle


romantic dinner with your partner 95/100

Transport For London


getting the bus back home 70/100

"I spend money without thinking about it"

sound familliar? it’s what most people do, managing money is boring, confusing and time consuming, but ignoring it never ends well.

simplify your money to just two numbers

ample is the mindful money manager, we manage your money so you don’t have to and simplify the rest down to what you need.

what is a happy score?

your happy score is how well you spend your money, it is based on your custom personality profile and transaction data from your bank.

be happy

focus on what makes you happy

we give you a happy score for every purchase you make, so you can start to cut back on the things that don’t make you happy. We’ll even try to find vouchers for the things that do!

be better

be ambitious, reach your goals

we protect you from wasting money on pointless mistakes which stop you from reaching your goal. we help to stick your budget, stay motivated and warn you about overdraft fees

be mindful

make the world a little better

we show you how your purchases live up to your values, care about rainforests? or human rights? You can help support business that match your values and join the mindful money movement.

financial peace of mind just £3 a month

(that’s less than 10p a day)

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